Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Does 'Professionalism' means 'Tying-A-Tie'?

~ Does appealing professional outlook means wearing a tie? ~

Recently I've got an internal email at my work place with a header 'Formal Dress Code - Grooming Session'. After reading it, I couldn't control laughing louder, reasons behind are many.

OK. Let me explain - a company which doesn't follow corporate ethics properly and yet pretends to follow, doesn't have that right to talk about professional outlook.

Just by looks, people around are not going to get attracted towards the company. There are many things which gives a company the fame and name.

I am totally 'pissed off' with my decision on why I chose to join here, reasons being enormous:

Just to name a few:
1. No corporate decency with HR personnel. As a corporate rule, an HR (any employee within the org) should respond to any email from other employees within 24-48 Hrs (48 Hrs being max). But here, you keep emailing HR (most of them, not all), no matter how many, you neither get any responses nor actions taken w.r.t those emails.

2. People who have joined in this company since the beginning have no ethics and got a very heavy head weight. Just like 'FROGS in THE Well'.... they don't know how things are happening outside the company and how this company can be developed. All politics..

3. The company's culture - argh!! I just hate it. No motivational nor hygienic factors, which are important for one to get a feel of 'going to office'...

4. They keep the charts in restrooms and other places about security measures on H1N1 (Wash your hands and blah blah....). But when asked for providing paper glasses, no response, no action has been taken. They just keep one single glass for each floor. And you can imagine what kind of people would be around and how they would use the glass. I myself have seen few senseless people.

5. Toilets - OMG!!!!! I don't wanna talk about those stinking public toilets (within the office building)

6. For coffee, so often you need to go around all the possible floors in the building, because you get sugar on one floor, milk on other floor and coffee powder on some other floor. No housekeeping methodology in place to satisfy an employee.

7. Air conditioning - hmm... interesting!!! They switch off the a/c in the lunch time, after 6 PM and blah blah - power savings - no matter people are still working hard for the company's benifit. So irritatingggggggg!!!! You feel like you are some laborer working in a construction company.

8. Rewards & recognition - well, fuh-get it!! You get one when you lick your boss’s ass. Your skills or performance doesn't work :P

9. Oh yes.... the IT team, you better know how to install a printer in your system than most of those team members. One person took a hell lot of time to install a printer in my system and yet with no luck. Also, you will not get proper responses when you email them, your emails seems to be routed to 'JUNK' folders.

10. The chairs at the work stations - you definitely will get a very bad back ache if you sit on them and work. If asked to change, no response............. they may think 'it's not my job'?

11. When you have been moved from one place to another, you will be moved with no prior notification and you keep searching for your PC and pedestals....

12. BTW, when you try escalating 'any' issues, people will start taking a personal 'grudges' on you :P If not officially, of course personally (like a ladies chit-chatting).. LMAO...

If asked, they say it's still a developing company, as a word-of-mouth :0 WTF!! It's over 10 Yrs old and by now they should be knowing how to motivate it's employees :P And with all these bloody stuff within, they insist to tie a tie just to look professional!!

What the hell, professionalism doesn't build by the way you dress, but there's much more to be professional! Now-a-days BIG Giant companies are declaring 'Casuals' as a dress code, and these people are still in early 1900's.

OK now, trust me! I have a very big list of such things to call this company very 'UNPROFESSIONAL'. I will definitely be a monkey soon (you know what I mean :P).

Anyways, all this blah blah is to throw my frustration outta mind and let people know how one gets frustrated with these kind of cheap behavior 'of' the company itself.

I am decent enough for not revealing the company's name here, but I'm sure people (who are/ were with this company) will get to know whom I'm talking about . OMG!! This is my worst experience I've ever faced in my professional experience.

Really, whatta company I've chosen!! Pity me...


PS: The images are taken from web randomly and are not mine!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


This is written by my very special friend..... on a paper... Just to test a new pen which I bought :) Can you believe this? Well, sometimes we have to... I didn't wanna miss that paper, so jotting down here to keep it alive..... and yea, this ain't plagiarism :-)

"Every man when tries to know the world, and when he knows, is left with a question unanswered - which he carries to his grave, which he alone knows what...

But when the whole world leaves him behind, to rest in peace, his soul still searches... & is never alone.

The Soul then leaves it to someone whose hunt is for the same to augment his wild curiosity, which when unanswered follows him to his grave 'unanswered'..... "

Wait, what did you understand by this? Well, many people - many meanings. But those who have the same thoughts as the author, will definitely understand what it means :)

PS: The image here is from web, I just took it to make it relevant.