Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hi-Tech Bribery - Recruitment Business in the Current IT World!

Just wanted to share this with folks around. I was thinking ‘Do such things happen?’. How offensive it would against the company if its employee takes bribe to fulfill the opening. He/ she who took bribe along with he/ she who bribed for the position will be sacked immediately and would be black listed in NASSCOM, if found guilty. I know corruption & bribery is there everywhere, but this is like ‘selling’ the jobs. OMG!

Why should one bribe for getting a job? I could think of only one reason – looking for a break in something in which he/ she doesn’t have any experience and which pays way much higher that what he/ she used to get. And why would one take bribe for filling an opening, again one reason I could think of – a sick and money minded nature of that person who is ‘selling’ a job taking ‘disadvantage’ of company’s trust on that person. We should be very careful with and keep distant from these kind of encounters, lodge a complaint against them as well with Company’s Compliance & Legal departments. Agree/ Disagree?

Below is the recent email from someone about ‘selling’ openings, which is awfully unprofessional, especially in the current IT market.
From: Me
Date: Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 6:35 PM
Subject: Re: We have opening for your profile
Who are you and where did you get my email address??
That too 'selling' jobs to people from an unofficial email address?
I will be lodging a complaint against you with Cyber Crime.

On Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 6:31 PM, XXX YYY wrote:
We have an opening for your profile we are charging 3 months Salary
If you are interested please send me your updated resume i'll call you
I've come to know that one of my colleagues at my current work place did take a bribe to fulfill an open position. I just don't have any proofs for that, else I would have made his life tougher.

Not just this, I've heard that of late, TCS did catch hold of it's employee who took bribe from a candidate for filling up an open position. He just got sacked immediately and black listed in NASSCOM.

Each company, no matter big or small, should keep an eye in this recruitment field as well, without blindly trusting its employees. There should be multiple levels to be followed in the interview process before confirming the candidate based on just an interviewer's opinion. Only then these inappropriate and irrelevant recruitments can be stopped and worth candidates will be considered to fulfill a position.

If you can't go to your management to complain against the person who took bribe from you, lodge a complaint against that person/ organization in Someone will be truely listening to your frustration/ anger :)
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