Monday, March 30, 2009

Poetry by my Chweet Kid :)

I don't wanna lose it and hence in this blog :)

Oh BTW, I'm still 'Trying' to 'Understand' it :)

Waited did I..
For the cloud to rain…
The drops dat I expectd to reach me..!!!
Me n me n me…..
Asked nothing but dis ..
And wished it 2 b my destiny.
Loved those drops, which were dews of my dreams !
Taken are they, from me, oceans away….
So far dat my destiny tot dat I cudnt reach!
And I cudnt as it desired.
But my feelings did!
Now I felt dat it was me who won!!!!!
But the destiny’s sarcastic laughter, for this remained a mystery.
Envied was I about the dreams I dreamt,
And filled them with the colours I love,
Went bibulous with happiness which took me high,
But the mystery remained unsolved.
The betrayal of destiny,
Turned everything to a turmoil.
Was deserted with nothing left…
Wen death is 2 be the destiny
Then y r there options in life?
GOD!!! Y betrayed me I every possible way
and now is the time to help,
if not now then its never…
then if its never,
then the reason 4 u 2 exist remains a riddle unsolved.
Waited 4 u wen perplexed ,
Waited 4 u wen devastated,
Waited 4 u wen was in real need of u…
Waited for u wen I trusted your arrival cud rescue from the darkest swirls,
Which neither the nether land could have had!!!
For you being the reason who designed my destiny SO…
Prayed u ever since I tot u wud help! As u know…!!
ALL I want in LIFE…
The 1 treated to b the supreme soul!
Who’s believed to grant wishes 1 desires in life
Believed to adore them wen orphaned,
Believed to feel 1s feel b4 the self cud do!
Belived to fill life between birth and death!
And cant believe dat ‘U’,
Cudnot provide the life I deserve..
The life I wished to have..
The life which is in no way wrong, me possessing!
Oh! God!
I forgive U..
Though I have punished for the mistakes u hav committed!!!
I forgive you
For the negligence of urs…!
I forgive you
for whatever u hav done 2 me so far……
oh! God !
I still hav hopes that u regret 4 wat u hav done..
To those who trusted u…
Now salvation is all I want!
If not this u can provide…
Then do not call urself a god!!!
And if u do …., u do not have that mercy, love, divinity, pious,
Wat people think u r in the form of those..
If not anything be a part of my life as death!!!
As u always wud love to..
Be bibulous with the blood of mine!
Snatching away my colors of dream…
Proving to b how imbecile u r….
N which u r……………..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life - Your Choice/ Parents' ?

Hey Folks,

Just another thought which is haunting me since ages. I Know we should be so thankful to our parents for giving us this Life.. and we should be responsible in taking care of them...

But, what about the dreams of our lives? May it be whatever - career or anything. We just have one Life and if we don't fulfill our dreams, what's the use of this life? Not every time compromises makes sense....

One of their main concern being our marriage, where we are not mentally prepared for taking those responsibilities. We wanna lead our lives without hurting them... Lotsa pressures, emotional blackmail to get married (of course they think something good for us)... It's been 3 years I'm escaping and 'one of the reasons' I left India is the same...

My question is, how many of you faced/ facing the same situation? How would you be handling the situation, without hurting them...?

After all, "Emotional Blackmail" will not solve our Problems at all!!

Any thoughts/ similar experiences? Appreciate your time!!!

~ Cheers

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The Heights of "Filtration" Process


You might be knowing that these days how the new govt. is behaving so aggressive w.r.t H1's/ Aliens. This is just to give you an example.

Before telling anything, lemme introduce a bit about me. I'm an IT professional, on H1, working in USA. I'd to approach one of the departments in USA. In the application I've stated JCL is one of the stuff I've experience on. And I've been asked the below question:

Why do I need a Bachelor's Degree to perform my work on JCL??

Ain't it too funny??? Initially I didn't know what to answer to this, seriously (can you?). But one person helped me to answer this. It's not that I didn't know this, but you know, these kind of questions makes the mind blank :P

Come on, I am a computer programmer and it is just not about writing/modifying JCL's. I write, test, and maintain the detailed instructions, called programs, that computers follow to perform their functions. Programmers also conceive, design, and test logical structures for solving problems by computer.

Coming to "why I need a bachelors degree" - University teaches us things above and beyond how to write code. Communication, teamwork, Problem solving and problem reduction skills and project management are some of the things I happen to learn at university. Getting a university degree in any subject is not easy and needs dedication. I have the ambition and drive to get the job done. Typically, the ability to finish any sort of degree says a lot about the person.

A 1998 study conducted by University Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, and Michigan Future, Inc. found that "After researchers selected 88 fields which have median annual full-time earning of at least $30,000, 47 fields were found to not specifically call for a four-year degree." They found that jobs like millwrights and electrical equipment repairers were two of the highest paying non-degreed jobs, but that jobs like this do require some kind of additional training. Computer programming happens to be a field which requires a bachelor degree.

Why can't they just think in a broader way?? Any one of you faced such thing yet? Please share your experiences..

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Friday, March 27, 2009

So called "Credit History/Rating" in USA !

Halo Folks!! Just outta frustration (yea, it is :P )

~ Everyone should have a credit history (good credit rating though) with out which one can not rent a house/ take a loan/ apply for a credit card or whatsoever.

~ To build the credit history, you should have a credit card(s) or mortgage(s) or loan(s).
~~ But again, to get the credit card(s)/ mortgage(s)/ loan(s), one should have atleast a fair credit rating.

--> Interrelated huh!! How the hell an 'alien' would suffer to get a credit card who won't have a credit history and when he/she needs to build his/her credit history, a credit card is needed which he/she won't get unless they have a credit history.


~ If you have a low/ no rating, you might end up not getting any credits or getting a low limit stuff with a higher interest rates.
~~ Again, having a low limit stuff is a loophole which have high chances of getting a low rating. Low rating means a MORON sitting on your forehead which we call as FATE!! :P


~ I really did not/ can not understand this concept of credit history. If one have to build a credit history, at least for the first time he applies for a card, it should be approved. But a big NO comes in to picture. Then how the hell he/she will build the history?

~ Oh yea, one more thing - if you try applying for credit cards multiple times and as and when they gets rejected, your credit score will be affected - it will go down to BAD!!! WTF!!!

~ One can not try applying for a card to build history, one should not do anything with out a credit history, even can not apply for it too. And when applied, it will obviously gets rejected and the credit score will become bad!!

~ Bad rating doesn't mean you are a defaulter or such kind. It has many things involved in the back ground. For ex: an Alien (non resident of US) who comes to US newly won't have a credit history at all.

--> I know this is a very good system to take control over defaulters. But my question is regarding ALIENS who are coming to USA for living. At least in their case, the Govt. should loosen these policies until they get their first credit card!!

~ For citizens/ for them who are living here since significantly long time, this won't be an issue. But new comers, OMG!! It's gonna be a NIGHTMARE!!

~ Oh yea, one more thing :P After so many trials, when you get a card with a low limit and here are the rules:a) You can not use it for more than 50% of the limit. Well you can, but when used your rating will be lowered.. bwahahahahab) Thing is when you have a high limit, you won't use more than 50% of it. But when you have a low limit (for say $500), you will use it somehow and it affects your rating.


~ This is a BIG MYSTERY for me to understand this concept!! No matter howmuchever you try to get your rating good, it somehow goes down.

~ Finally, another 'confused' conclusion - for a good rating and low interest rates' credit cards, you should have a good rating. ~~ OK... so for good rating we need to have a credit cards (preperably with high limits). So, HTF will I get one!!!!!!

~ Disgusting criteria, at least for me! Just by thinking about it, my nerves get over heated :P:P

That's why I stopped thinking about it... bwahahahaha... I am mad.. oh sorry, I became mad :P now it's OK. I've at least stopped thinking about it... hehahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Let me know if you had been successful in at least 'understanding' this concept :P

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